kamikaze bi-plane ride…

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steph and i headed on up to sonoma to take a kamikaze bi-plane ride… so the both of us crammed into the front “seat” of the open air Boeing PT-17 Stearman and headed to 3500 feet to start the fun… it was phenomenal! it was an incredible day – blue skys and warm – and then the fun – barrel rolls, loops, twists, stalls, spins – you name it we did it! of course there are photos here

i also tried the movie feature out on my tiny digital – so here a few clips without sound – each about 15 seconds long and taken out of the left hand side of the cockpit:

clip 1 clip 2 clip 3 clip 4 clip 5
clip 6 clip 7 clip 8 clip 9 clip 10
clip 11 clip 12 clip 13 clip 14 clip 15
clip 16 clip 17 clip 18

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